Handmade is the Best

I love love love making paper. I am not a professional by any means. I don’t have a beater and large tubs. I just have some blenders, but for my purposes that works. Handmade paper is so unique. No two pieces are the same and I have rarely created or encountered an ugly piece of handmade paper.

New Beginnings

This is another new beginning from left palette paint. Isn’t it great that as artists we can start a new beginning anytime we want to!


Every year around this time I seem to do a “Gratitude” piece. This is #3. Perhaps it is the proximity to Thanksgiving. This is Phase 2 and Phase 1. I think there will be only one more.

I’m Going National!

“Congratulations Leslie,
Your handmade paper artwork Granny’s Bouquet
has been selected for Arnold Grummer’s PAPER ON THE RIVER 2021 exhibit at the PAPER DISCOVERY CENTER in Appleton, WI October 1, 2021 – October 31, 2021.”

“Granny’s Bouquet” 15.5×11.5 $100

My Own Challenge

As I fall asleep, I often have “visions” or ideas. The visions are usually art works to be produced. The ideas are on a variety of subjects. Recently I thought to myself that I should challenge my self to reproduce works of art by the masters or renowned artists in watercolor. This isn’t an unusual practice, copying from the greats. Many artists do so in the course of their education. I’ve never actually done it though. One reason to do this is to give myself a purpose for a bit (these challenges often help me to post more often on my blog and other websites). The main objective of this challenge is to stretch myself and to discover how far I may be able push the limits of watercolor. I will mostly be copying oil paintings and acrylics. Full disclosure: as an avid watercolorist, I have frequently felt that some subjects are more easily depicted in other mediums.



I started this piece during a play date with my artist friend Cyndi Horn a few weeks ago. She was playing with Gelli plates. I was testing a TON of found objects to use in printmaking. I threw quite a lot of things that just didn’t work. I stuck with the red for consistency. I’ve been playing with adding things to it since then. It’s been a very meditative process and FUN. I know I will keep it a limited palette, but I’m not certain where else it will go or if perhaps it’s done.

Time to Refresh

I will be doing extensive work on my site over the next few weeks. It’s past time to dump some very old stuff. As in my house, I have to make room for new art to “hang”. Like this series of natural objects “paintings”

Phew! I got back My Site – sorta

Here’s a warning for ya’ll. Make sure you keep up with the email address that you’ve given your the company you bought your domain name from. Through a bunch of errors, as well as lack of motivation last year and this year, I lost my original domain at .com. I used an email address that I then never used for anything else. I then stupidly cancelled that email address, then I had to get another credit card due to fraudulent activity. So, when it was time to renew my domain, I never got word that there was a problem. I also had been doing auto-renew for years. There are some definite disadvantages to the auto renew. I really kinda even forgot who I was using because it just kept happening by itself. I’m relieved I can still have some form of my original name. SharedVisionsArt has been my identity online for 9 years, but it was my identity off line for many many many years before that.

Next post will be about ART. Yay!


Today I like Zoom!

Though I’m a stockholder, I haven’t really cared for the process of Zoom, until today. I joined a group of people who joined #NYCollageEnsemble (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/collage-party-for-world-collage-day-wny-collage-ensemble-tickets-149440160543) for some group play. It was amazing and so energizing. I got to meet people from all over the world! (South Africa, London, US and etc). The Ensemble sent every one some images to play with as we saw fit. Then they let us loose and then they split us up into small rooms so that lwe could get to know one another. Half my room was from across the pond, I think. We shared the pieces we were working on  and thoughts on products and techniques. This is my piece, not done yet: (more…)


“Breakfast Nook”

Just got word that my “Italian Breakfast Nook” in the AGOP show at the Thrasher Horne Center for the Arts sold. It is always a wonderful feeling when some one likes a piece enough to take it home with them.


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