New Year New Work Lots of Shows

I have six shows to prepare for in January. One is done and delivered. Wether both pieces will be accepted is another story. Having helped with receiving at the St Augustine Art Associations “Faces and Figures” show, I know mine are much less conventional than most of the work entered:

Tomorrow is receiving for the SoMMA show at the Jewish Community Alliance. I have two ready to go and am still debating on the third entry.

After that comes the Art Guild of Orange Park show at the Thrasher Horne Center for the Arts. This one leaves me with more options as it is neither themed nor does it have to be a specific medium. I am putting in one of my favorite mixed media pieces and one of my favorite mono prints and then I may put in a favored watercolor as well. These two will go for sure:

Of course, one of my New Years resolutions is to post more frequently on my website. I also have an odd little task I gave myself…. to come up with one word titles for all my pieces this year. This came about because participating in the receiving side of shows, one occasionally comes across really really long titles that are almost impossible to fit on the cards and labels for the show. I have been guilty of it as well. Plus it will just be interesting to try to come up with a single word that matches what I am trying to say in the piece.

Check back tomorrow to find out my final piece for the SoMMA show and selections for two other upcoming shows!

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