Sold! With some controversy

I’m hoping I can get a fair amount of comments on this because I’m at a loss as to what the “rules” or ethics are with regard to this controversy. Please comment on my web page and not my FB page. I am being accused of wrong doing because I painted this piece from a photograph that I took of some one else’s still life set up. She, of course, also painted this still life. Is that stealing? Plagerising? Can I never paint from some one else’s still life set up and call it my painting? If so I won’t be painting from any one else ever again. Of course, if you read my blog from this paintings inception in 2016, you already know I’m not likely to ever paint anything like this again


Still Life by Leslie Kruzicki @

8 thoughts on “Sold! With some controversy

    • No the complaintant is not an art teacher nor a teacher at all anymore. I do believe that if she had entered the same show as this piece was in, she would have every right to voice her concerns to those putting on the show. Since she was so off base, she saved herself some embarrassment by addressing me personally. The only reason I “publicized” this myself was that I don’t know enough about painting still life’s to know for sure if there is some “rule” or standard practice out there that I had violated.

  1. So I am commenting on my own post to say that I have since viewed the artist in questions painting from the demo in her onsite video. I must admit I find it hilarious that some one thought I was copying her painting. They are so different, that my accusers must think I am a very poor artist to say this was my attempt to copy some one else’s work verbatim.

  2. I call bullshit! The complaintants need to mind their own business, especially when there are so many actual cheaters out there who get by with ignorance. Painting the same still life as someone who displays it PUBLICLY is no more cheating than a group of artists sitting in front of the same building, tree or nude body and painting it. If an artist is in public, teaching their techniques and their style and showing their chosen subjects, regardless of what they are, they have no right to balk when one of the participants does just what they showed them. Your painting is clearly from a different perspective, showing the obvious fact that you didn’t copy the other artist’s painting.

  3. I don’t think that’s plagiarism if you used your own photo. Why is this person acting like you did something wrong? Did you sneak a photo after they said no photos? I doubt it.

    • As of yet, I haven’t even heard from the actual artist whose still life set up it was. I believe the complaintant originally thought I copied the persons painting. When I explained I didn’t she had a number of other complaints about my painting being so similar to the artists. Unfortunately she was under the impression that it was the same angle, the same medium, and the same colors etc etc. The problem is I know it’s a different medium because mine is a watercolor and the artist paints with oils. As far as the details go, I don’t know how much mine may look like hers because I haven’t seen that painting since 2011 when she did the demo for our group.

      • oh. The person complaining was a teacher. Maybe she just needs to assert her authority over you, or something like that. I don’t know. don’t worry about it if it’s an ego thing.

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