An Adventure in Italy

So, I am fortunate to have many friends who are way more talented and skilled than I am. I am also fortunate to have a husband who would give me anything. The two combined in an opportunity to take a workshop in Italy conducted by Robert Leedy put on by Il Chiostro at the Borgo San Fedele. What’s not to love in a week filled with learning about painting and eating scrumptious Italian food. ARCHITECTURE! Okay, it’s only MY phobia and bane of MY existence. Also, I didn’t necessarily HAVE to paint that. I just figured for a while any way, if I was here to learn and challenge myself, I might as well go all the way. Here are my first two painting from Sunday- May 27th and Monday May 28th. (Thought I posted this the day I wrote it, but I did not)


2 thoughts on “An Adventure in Italy

  1. Leslie, you did a great job in Italy and were very prolific in your work. I have a fond memory of sketching with you in Siena’s il Campo. il Campo? Yes, we CAMPED OUT at a prime table at a cafe in the piazza and we ordered beer, water, lunch over an extended time hoping to keep the waiters happy. And they were. In America, they would be giving us not so subtle hints to get the hell out! Thanks for attending the workshop!

    • That was truly one of the highlights of the workshop, despite the “intimidation” of a master working next to me and whipping out a hugely complicated piece while I plodded along on my simple little piece. And your right, no American restaurant would be so accommodating.

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