As the folks at Monty Python use to say, “And now for something completely different…… This is the beginning of an abstract mixed media piece. It is still inspired by Italia. You can see the terra-cotta roofs, the golden buildings, the vineyards and olive groves. What else do you spy that speaks of Tuscany? Or ancient objects? The next layer will actually be some of my receipts from my trip. Why not? Then some more paint perhaps, and then some more collage with special things from the trip. I have no idea yet wether it will be a vertical or a horizontal. I was taught first by Joyce Gabiou that you should never fall in love with any part of you painting when working in layered abstracts. I actually didn’t learn it very well way back then (7 years ago?). Since then I’ve taken enough classes and done enough abstracts that I now understand the concept.

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