What Might Have Been

Looking at my reference photos from my recent Plein Aire excursion showed me so many better options for the painting I might have created. Why didn’t I see it then? What can I do to better the editing of my compositions while painting en Plein Aire?

One thought on “What Might Have Been

  1. Composition isn’t easy for me either. Can you take more time to sketch out a few plans before painting? It seems like most plain air painters knock out a painting in one day but it can take me weeks to sketch and decide on the layout of the painting. That’s why I’m not fitting in with the plain air groups, I guess. If you could go to the location in advance of the group’s planned date it might help. The plain air group in Richmond had a rule that the painting had to be 90% finished in one day. I couldn’t get away with cheating because it’s a different style of painting so I always paint alone.

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