Busy not painting

Some of you who were use to seeing regular posts while I was in the midst of a challenge might wonder what’s up. Well, when you have a challenge, wether it’s for 10 days or thirty days, wether self imposed or from without, you hopefully end up with some decent work. For those of us who work on paper and/or not on gallery wrapped canvas, that means: FRAMING! (Below 2 piles to go and some complete)

Even though I sell my work on my website unframed, it needs a frame if I am going ti show it and try to sell it locally. So this month my challenge to myself was to frame the 30-40 pieces sitting around my studio. In some cases I reused frames from unsold work. In many cases I had to order new frames because I’ve recently joined JWS (Jacksonville Watercolor Society). They have very strict framing rules so I had to order some frames and …. UGH! I have to cut some plexiglass. I HATE cutting plexiglass. I hate using it. This and the metal frames only and cream or white mats only are the reasons I hadn’t joined this group sooner. I understand the logic of these rules, but that doesn’t mean I have to like them. The order is on it’s way! I will be very busy next week thanks to pictureframes.com

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