Ouch! That Stings!

Ugh! I’ve been having an existential artistic crisis as it is, on top of all the other things that make me wonder what the point of making art is… comes the rejection of all three entries for the latest SoMMA show. I thought at least ONE would be accepted. Those who are not artists of some kind take note the reason WHY we do it despite the blows to ego and pocket book: WE CANNOT NOT DO IT. It’s a compulsion and for a moment we are free and happy. Now comes so many questions, but of course the most useful one is: WHAT CAN I LEARN FROM THIS? That will have to wait though until the burning feeling stops.

One thought on “Ouch! That Stings!

  1. I don’t understand why those got rejected. They look good to me. Can you go to the opening and ask the juror? Or get the juror’s phone number and call them to ask? I did that before, but it seemed like the juror expected artists who’s work got rejected to just accept it without asking why. Who needs that kind of frustration from the art world!. I gave up on entering juried shows but I’m still drawing and painting. Hang in there with your painting. Reject the jurors! They don’t like seeing inspiration because they don’t have it, is my guess. Like all cultural snobs, they can suck the joy right out of it for others if you let them.

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