The Importance of “Play” to improve your Work.

I hesitate to use the word play when discussing art. Almost all of us are encouraged to play with crayons or pencils or paints at some point in our lives. When later viewing an art exhibit, I fear many picture the artist having way too much fun to warrant the price tag on the piece they are seeing. In their minds Art = Play = Easy. NOT! This equation does not work, because for an artist there is always work involved. The equation is more like this: Play + Education + Pratice + Education + Work + Play + Practice + Life Interruptions + Return to Pratice + Work + Play + Practice + Work = Fine Art

I’ve recently had several Play sessions to hopefully help me improve my art. None were particularly easy. Each had challenges, but also discoveries. The first two were with watermedia; specifically watercolor crystals and then waterbased gouche and colored pencils. I suppose there are some artists out there that are happy to do the same thing over and over using the same media over and over. I haven’t met many of them. My artist friends all like to explore.

Thanks to an invitation from my friend Cynthia Csalovszki, I was able to explore watercolor crystals. There were things I liked about using them, but I doubt I will invest in them myself. Still how could I know that with out having had some one share theirs with me? Yay!


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