“Play” part 2

The other recent opportunity to explore was in a paid workshop with Mike Grecian. He is a fun and sharing rep for several art supply companies. The fabulous thing about a workshop with a rep is that almost always get Free Stuff to take home as well as to use in the workshop. Look at all these pieces below, representing lots of different products I got to explore:


I had to reform my opinion of Gouche as a medium after using the luscious and intense Holbeins he provided. It had been close to 40 years since I’d used gouche and had poor opinion of it’s chalky yucky performance. These were nothing like that! I also got to use some papers I’d never tried, one of which, Mineral Paper by Yasumoto, I fell in love with. I will also finally experiment and explore more with the Duralar I’ve had in my studio for years and not used much. I found it’s possibilities for use in mixed media very intriguing. I am always looking for ways to use my watercolors in a mixed media piece.

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