Freeing Oneself to Create

Yay! I’m coming out of a long and deep dry spell. This is actually the 3rd phase of a piece. I’m mad at myself for not recording the first two – the drawing and an underpainting of fluid acrylics. This is a painting that has been in my head for YEARS. It is one of a series that I call my Om Visions. They are visions that have come while listening to an album of music called, “There’s No Place Like Om”. Music that helps me sleep on difficult nights. It’s actually the 2nd vision. The first one has not yet been begun, though I did a watercolor study of it during on of my 30 day challenges. The third is also languishing in my psyche. The fourth is my Blue Angel (“These Wings are Heavy”).  This will be called “Trinity”. There are more very specific elements to come….


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