New Toys! It’s always good to Play.

I received some art supplies for Christmas. It’s often hard for non-artists to buy for an artist. Lucky for my friends and family I am a mixed media artist as well as a watercolor St. That means anything goes! Even dead lizards (as my oldest grandson learned quickly). I tried out the Tombow markers I got, last Friday. I’ve known for a while that I need to improve my drawing skills and using these brought it home. The first piece is totally out of my head so it’s primitive. I’ll not be doing solo pieces with theses, but I will love to use them in my mixed medium pieces. D518C0C8-52AC-4A18-937F-65D538082DCD

The other items I received are some watercolor brush markers. If I tried to use these to do anything over 9×7, I would have quite a learning curve. They don’t behave like watercolor pigment with brushes, but they are beautiful. I can definitely see me using these for studies for large pieces and for small Plein air pieces. It seems to take them a while to “recharge”. I can also definitely see myself using these for detailed work in my regular watercolors. As I was experimenting I used some new watercolor brushes I received to blend the markers and it was helpful. For those out there who might be embarking on experimentation with these, I highly recommend a wet surface. This began our of my head, but I referenced a photo from the Carribean as well.


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