Ughs all around

No work of art is done until it is in a form that can be presented and shared. For a lot of paintings that means framing. And that’s what I’ve been up to the past few months. Granted that doesn’t explain all the time I’ve spent away from my website. For some of it I just wasn’t in the mood to paint. That happens. I never panic about it.  If I’m not painting or creating mixed media I usually find some other form of creativity that fits my mood. Like cooking or gardening or framing. Framing is an art form in and of itself. I hate it! Ugh! However, I also hate spending the money to have some one else do. Every time I frame things, though, I realize WHY they get so much money for it. This is approximately 55 pieces of art. That tall stack is 27” tall. Not all of them are mine, but the majority are. I use to frame a piece as I finished it, but getting all the tools ready for one piece is kind of a waste -ugh. Plus, invariably I’d stick it in a frame and then see something I had to fix. That’s a big UGH! Even some of these pieces that have sat for a while need some tweaks. Ugh. Back to work.B87E1160-E334-42C5-BF03-F04FA693D31D

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