Phew! I got back My Site – sorta

Here’s a warning for ya’ll. Make sure you keep up with the email address that you’ve given your the company you bought your domain name from. Through a bunch of errors, as well as lack of motivation last year and this year, I lost my original domain at .com. I used an email address that I then never used for anything else. I then stupidly cancelled that email address, then I had to get another credit card due to fraudulent activity. So, when it was time to renew my domain, I never got word that there was a problem. I also had been doing auto-renew for years. There are some definite disadvantages to the auto renew. I really kinda even forgot who I was using because it just kept happening by itself. I’m relieved I can still have some form of my original name. SharedVisionsArt has been my identity online for 9 years, but it was my identity off line for many many many years before that.

Next post will be about ART. Yay!


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