About the Artist

Leslie Kruzicki has been an artist since birth…well at least since childhood. She took her first art lessons from a professional artist at the age of 8. Lucky for her, her mother and father had many artistic friends in the small New Jersey town she grew up in. Her very first one person judged show was at the age of 14. She won a prize, but having a very bad memory can’t for the life of her remember what it was. She received her BA in art and literature. As an adult she had a long period when she produced only photo art. Finally she returned to painting and other forms of expression. She has won several awards in a variety of shows. She is a proud to be a member of many artist’s organization in the Jacksonville, Fl area. She continues to take classes of varying kinds because she believes that art is not a static endeavor. You must strive to learn and grow as an artist. She has so many creative pieces pent up in side her and will likely never get them all out. Here you can have can have the pleasure of buying one of those she has gotten down on canvas or paper.