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My art is mostly for art’s sake. Beyond the enjoyment of the act of painting, I think it is a way of making others stop and look and sometimes think or feel. The qualities that attract me to watercolor are it’s fluidity and luminosity. You just can’t get that in any other medium. My favorite watercolors to look at tend to be very loose. Lately I have been particularly interested in exploring what the difference is between a good painting and a good photograph. I have also been working semi-abstract and abstract and trying to see exactly where that fine line lies beyond reality and how it is best expressed or used. I know that a lot of people look at an abstract an think “my grandchild could do that”, but I feel just the opposite. Anyone can copy a picture or a scene. . . only a “real artist” can make something from nothing, or dares express things in a less representational way. However I still think it’s well worth doing beautiful paintings of recognizable subjects. Painting, painting, painting. It’s what I love.


Leslie Kruzicki was born and raised in Ramsey, New Jersey. After graduating high school she attended several colleges and graduated with a Fine Arts and Literature Bachelor’s degree. Ms Kruzicki moved to Virginia Beach, Va. and worked as a graphic artist for several years. She also had her own photography portrait studio “The Feminine Mystique” specializing in boudoir photography. For many years life got in the way of life and she expressed her creativity through photography and gardening. Finally life got simpler and Leslie was able to return to her artistic roots of painting. It was scary facing that first blank piece of watercolor paper, but now she feels she has found her one true medium. Leslie is grateful to her parents for their early encouragement and their two friends Peggy Griffin (her first art teacher at age 8) and Ruth Howell for early inspiration. She’s been so fortunate to have had many great teachers at various institutions. Recently she found a lot of encouragement and inspiration in the Art Guild of Orange Park. Sharing art is fun and fulfilling.

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